Welcome! We are sharing this video of WATER BIRTH, the birth of our daughter Alia-Nina, the preparation during the pregnancy and the Natural deliverance. When a woman is in a work of birthing, it’s very powerful and it’s an opportunity to extend this energy to all, it’s an initiation that expands to all, the energy touches all the hearts.

Alia-Nina was born in May 17th. Her Spirit started appearing since 2005, in the same night of our marriage, Mallku and I, we did beautiful ceremony with nature, and during that night her Spirit appeared. During the following years she continued appearing and letting some messages or playing, or watching me very happy, always celebrating.

One day I said to her Spirit, let us know when it’s the moment for you to come in this Physical Level, so I will be prepare. It was on March Equinox 2011, when we were in Sedona that she came and told me that the time was coming. And I could see and feel all the angels celebrating.

So in July 2011, she said that in 2 months, in the September Equinox 2011, she would be coming. So we prepared ourselves and I could feel all the process within myself. There were some moments I felt her so close to me and I could feel a tub of light vibrating up and down when I was meditating and making my connections. Mallku and I, we started celebrating and feeling the presence of our beloved daughter.

I spent all the pregnancy making a kind of discipline every day, through breathing techniques, gym, sacred dances, running (I continued running until 30 weeks of my pregnancy), yoga, tai chi, and others.

In the beginning of the pregnancy, I made a beautiful work reverencing our Ancestors. It was such a beautiful and powerful experience, feeling all of them celebrating with us, they celebrated during entire 3 days.

We did ceremonies, rituals, offerings during my pregnancy, and everyday I was inspirited with messages, and connecting deep with our baby, permitting always all the emotions to flow, sometimes her emotions, or my emotions, and everyday aligning body and soul, heart and mind, in the way that I could follow by telepathy all that she was needing in each step of the pregnancy.

It’s amazing how the changing happen so fast and we need to pay attention to keep ourselves into balance and through the Path of Beauty and Unconditional Love!

Everyday feeling all the steps, and paying attention in the messages that always were coming, like one day Alia-Nina was painting a picture, (she is a painter, an artist, a dancer, I could see some of her past lives while she was in my womb) and she said: Mommy everything is love! And looking at me with those beautiful eyes! Such a beautiful experience! And I had the same vision 3 times that Alia-Nina would be born in the water.

I was so sure, that I chose the right people to be with myself, I arranged my 2 suitcases, and prepared my team to bring all to me, I felt the moment was coming and I called the midwives. There wasn’t doctors there, we only rent a room in a clinic and we brought everything for the work. So the Clinic was doing resistance against my way of giving birth, and they saw myself in the beginning producing the sounds of the Puma, and they said: She is crazy. She is not going to make it, it will become a surgery later, and they were sending these energies, and I was making all the cleansing in the atmosphere of the place. Of course Mallku and I, we were working through the energies into invocations, rituals and ceremonies. I said that I would be exploding, the WARRIOR OF LIGHT within myself.

During my pregnancy I felt more joy, more pleasure, all my senses grow so much, my third eye expanded, my hearing I could hear more far from, the visions amplified, and feeling deeply the Oneness, feeling all the Magic through the heart expanding, so much beauty, so much beauty, so much beauty!

In the day of giving birth:

I had deep connections with the Apus, the Spirits of the Mountains, my Pachamama …I started speaking an Ancient Language, and could feel and see deeply more beauty. And I started putting my knees on the floor like a feline, and producing sounds as a Puma, so strong all the energies circulating, and feeling all the Nature vibrating with myself.

There was a moment that I was praying for all Humankind in order for them to see more Beauty in the path, to feel more Pleasure, and to understand that WE ARE REALLY GODS AND GODDESS, and all is up to us to Co-Create a New World through work, wisdom and Love! Asking for all the new mothers to have opportunities to give birth even with more pleasure and more beauty, because it’s so deep, as much beauty -more pleasure, there is even more, and more, it’s endless and deep beyond words.

In some of the moments Mallku was making some massage in my back that helped so much, feeling more pleasure. The same with the midwives, there was moments that they were making a massage in my feet or in my back. In the process for the deliverance after I danced, my dilatation from number 2 went to number 6 in only 30 minutes, then this was the call to prepare the water to complete my journey.

Some people asked me if I felt pain … I said: Until the middle of the work of giving birth, I was feeling my entire body transforming, moving, my roots going deeper inside of the Earth and my arms ascending to the Cosmos, the breathing techniques and all my preparation during the pregnancy, were so important, so I could only be present in my inner Journey. There was a moment that I felt that I needed to talk with one of the midwives that decided to go because she works in the Hospital too, I felt her energy, so I interrupted my inner Journey and started talking to her, and in that moment I really felt pain, and after I understood why. It was because I was using in that moment the mind … and I said to myself, no way … this is about flowing, and I entered again in my inner Journey, and I started feeling the pain transforming into pleasure … and in 30 minutes I was ready to enter in the swimming pool.

At the end, the midwife called to her assistant and in this way, she could stay until the end, but for me it was such a message to go deeper and to understand why most of the women feels so much pain during the giving birth work and that we need to prepare them better in order to feel more the beauty and to accept it, embracing it.

I felt the calling of the Element of Water, that was so alive, and I could feel even the smell of the water, and I knew that I needed to be there. The water really helps to relax, to let it flow, inviting us to go deeper.

Mallku participated with me since the beginning of the work and there was a moment that we started dancing together, it was so beautiful, pure Love! And Alia-Nina vibrating within myself.

So, like you saw in the video, Alia-Nina came in the Water, and in that moment I had an explosion, an orgasm, Mallku was saying beautiful words (that we will be sharing in another video of WATER BIRTH), and his words touched myself deeply, and at the same time Alia-Nina coming, and feeling her head appearing, that I could see all the trees shaking, all the Nature vibrating, all the beings of light celebrating, and the deep connection of the Earth and the Cosmos growing through myself, Mallku and Alia-Nina. I exploded through Divine Love!

Since Alia-Nina came on Earth we are stimulating and preparing the families here in the Andes in order to integrate them, and for their pregnancy to be beautiful until the moment of giving birth.

PACHAMAMA WASI, the House of Pachamama, it’s a Birth House we opened, where the mothers, the couples, can be prepared before the pregnancy, during it, and after in a way that everything become more beautiful, having the eyes to see the Divine Experience, having more joy, and more integration within the families, becoming into Unconditional Love and more Conscious of their mission on Earth.


The Pachamama Wasi already exists and is a Goddess Center, a Goddess Motherhood, where we make circles of women every week empowering them, educating the men and bringing the Goddess understanding in their path, to be living from the Source that is pure Love!


We only need to be open and to be free being who we are, being present, and all the great visions will come and will be manifest. When we are ready we attract all that we need in order to expand more and more our being. We need to embrace our power and beauty with joy, knowing that this belongs to us.

The pregnancy is part of the cycle of a Woman, the cycle of Sexuality that starts with the Menstruation, continues with losing the virginity, pregnancy, giving birth, giving milk to the baby and after Menopause. All is totally related with your sexuality and if you are health and have all the organs in order, so you can be pregnant, and it´s part of woman´s nature helping to complete many cycles in life and during the pregnancy you can feel your sexuality expanding, and if you catch all the messages, it´s very good, to see, and to permit yourself to go beyond, to experience deeply each step of transformation, and it´s about confronting at the same time you own shadow, and realizing that all is beauty, that through the Path of Beauty you can embrace your own shadow and your own light.
The entire cycle of Sacred Sexuality like I wrote before, will be continuing in the moment of giving birth, and in this moment, you will be confronting fears, this is what brings pain to the women. But fears sometimes that comes from so far in time, fears that belongs to at least, 7 generations behind us. And the invitation here is to watch, to see, breathing deeply into the heart, permitting your brain to be free, expanded connecting more with your heart, bringing more harmony between both, mind and heart, aligned. And letting it flow, and you feel that all the fears disappear in this space, in this sacred space, all the pain disappear in this sacred space, and from the center you expand your roots to the Earth, and expand your inner power and you inner beauty.

I call the giving birth moment, I call an Initiation to the highest Dimensions within you and being one with the Universe, reverencing all the Power of Creation, all the Power of Existence, all the Beauty, and I would like to call this Planet, Planet of Love.

The giving birth work is the path to enter in inter dimensional doorways within you, connecting with all the temples that exists in the World, connecting with all the Sacred and Power Centers in the World, only through yourself.

The giving birth work is the path to realize the power and the beauty of the Goddess that we always were and that only needs to be expanded.

The giving birth work I call SACRED SEXUALITY AND DIVINE LOVE, it´s really an explosion, an orgasm, reconnecting yourself deeply with all the forces of nature that exists through us, ourselves. All the traumas can be healed, and you extend this healing to the 7 Generations behind you and extend it to the 7 Generations and more that will be coming through you, and in this time we plant seeds of Unconditional Love, Divine Love, and Wisdom, being the extension of the deepest of who we are.

Love, love, love!

Feeling you all and embracing your heart!

We share with you, your friends and families this video, enjoy!

Alanna Q’ente



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